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2002, 2004 by Norm Weiler Railroad Videos

 Catalog # 4 - NY, NJ, PA Tri-State Conrail 1987 Catalog # 4 - NY, NJ, PA TRI-STATE CONRAIL 1987

This volume features an assortment of Conrail activity filmed near Allentown and Easton, PA., and along the Southern Tier between Port Jervis and Binghamton, NY. There is coverage of two unit coal trains on the route from Easton, through Phillipsburg, up to Portland, PA. The first passes without incident, but the second one stalls twice with too many loads for the grades. We're right at the railhead for the sand and the wheel slip.

Also on this tape are some scenes from steam activity in the Tri-State area: Steamtown's recently acquired Mikado #1271, along with their EMD products in Lackawanna paint, operating out of Scranton, PA., and the 1987 NJ Transit Southern Tier Fall Extravaganza between Hoboken and Port Jervis, with the Blue Mountain & Reading T1 #2102, and Pennsy E8's #5706 and 5898.

The tape resumes with more Conrail action, this time on the Southern Tier with footage of OIBU freights and some APL double-stack container trains breezing along the Delaware and fighting the grade at Gulf Summit.

(Run time: 2 hours.)    Total price $27.00 postpaid to USA.