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2002, 2004 by Norm Weiler Railroad Videos

Catalog # 6 - NY, NJ, PA Tri-State Area 1988 Catalog # 6 - NY, NJ, PA TRI-STATE AREA 1988

This tape contains an assortment of coverage dating from the summer of 1987 to November of 1988. Action includes (1) the D&H in the Binghamton area, (2) New York Susquehanna & Western in NJ., on the Southern Tier, and in Binghamton, (3) Conrail on the River Line, on the Southern Tier, and in the Allentown-Easton area, (4) the Blue Mountain & Reading NW2 #413 spotting hoppers in Temple, PA., (5) D&H and NYS&W dead engine lines at Binghamton, (6) Metro North RDC's at Port Jervis, and more.

Also on this tape is about 30 minutes of coverage of the 1988 National Railway Historical Society Convention held in the Tri-State area...the Morristown & Erie Alcos, the Nickle Plate 'Berk' #765, and the NYS&W trip over Sparta Mountain, including a look at the damaged B40-8 #4006, which was involved in a grade crossing accident with a huge Euclid open-pit dump truck on the following day's repeat of this trip.

The tape continues with a variety of 1988 fall foliage excursions...the Blue Mountain & Reading weekend excursions with #425, the BM&R trip to Tamaqua, PA., with Reading Alco C630 #5308 and GP30 #5513, the BM&R trip to Jim Thorpe with the Reading T1 #2102, the Hawk Mountain's Connecticut Central SW1200 and Jersey Central RS3 near Jim Thorpe, the Lackawaxen & Stourbridge BL2, and a few run-bys of the Susquehanna / Anthracite Railroads Historical Society fan trip out of Vernon, NJ.

The tape closes with some main line action...an NYS&W stack train in NJ with CSXT power, D&H MEBU with NYS&W power and a Conrail APL 'stacker' on the Southern Tier near Waverly, NY., and NYS&W Sea-Land trains attacking Gulf Summit from both directions.

(Run time: 2 hours.)    Total price $27.00 postpaid to USA.