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2002, 2004 by Norm Weiler Railroad Videos

Catalog # 7 - Susquehanna 1988 Catalog # 7 - SUSQUEHANNA 1988

Although the Newfoundland passing siding turned out to be a railfan's pipe dream, and welded rail over Sparta Mountain has yet to become a reality, 1988 was another interesting year for Susquehanna railfans. Many of the used Burlington-Northern units received nice Susquehanna "Yellow-Jacket" paint schemes. Hundreds of railfans were able to travel the NYS&W rails in New Jersey via several passenger excursions. The Erie-to-L&HR connector at Campbell Hall, NY., was put into service. The first new power, since the GP18's were delivered in 1962, arrived in June in the form of 4 GE B40-8's. The NYS&W was appointed operator of the bankrupt Delaware & Hudson. All sorts of foreign run-through power have been coming into New Jersey on the stack trains. Nutritive Sweetners, a new industry at Sparta Jct., should be in operation by year-end.

Contents of this tape include: many of the yellow & black refurbished SD45's, the HR1 Track Geometry Vehicle #1237 in action, General Electric's B39-8 demonstrator #808 testing on the Southern Division prior to the purchase of the B40's, construction progress of the new ex-Erie/L&HR connector at Campbell Hall, NY., scenes of the NRHS Jersey Central Chapter excursion over Sparta Mountain with interior scenes of the dome/theater-observation car #509, a demonstration of SD45 cab controls, a passenger special for RR dignitaries, chasing a six-unit Sea-Land train west along the Southern Tier to Binghamton, activity at NYS&W's yard in Binghamton, the new GE B40-8's, the 1988 NRHS Convention Susquehanna/L&HR/Erie trip, a look at the B40-8 #4006 damaged in a grade crossing accident with a huge Euclid open-pit dump truck, a look at Nutritive Sweetner's facilities at Sparta Jct., and a couple run-bys of the Anthracite Railroads Historical Society fan trip.

(Run time: 2 hours.)    Total price $27.00 postpaid to USA.