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10 Delaware & Hudson 1990
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12 Conrail 1990: Northeast PA.
13 NY-NJ-PA Tri-State 1991: vol.1
14 Susquehanna 1991
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2002, 2004 by Norm Weiler Railroad Videos

Catalog # 8 - NY, NJ, PA Tri-State Area 1989 Catalog # 8 - NY, NJ, PA TRI-STATE AREA 1989

This volume contains an assortment of coverage dating from October 1988 to October 1989. Footage includes (1) lots of Delaware & Hudson action with D&H and Susquehanna power in Binghamton, over Clarks Summit and Belden Hill, (2) the Susquehanna in NJ., and on the Southern Tier, (3) Conrail on the Southern Tier, and (4) D&H and Susquehanna motive power activities at the East Binghamton yard.

Also on this tape is coverage of the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Museum festivities held on the Black River & Western between Flemington and Lambertville on the old Pennsylvania. Much of the operational BR&W equipment is shown, along with the Susquehanna coaches, the Morristown & Erie Alco's, and the NJ Transit equipment that was used to get the excursionists from Newark to Three Bridges on the former Lehigh Valley.

There's a look at some of the steam locos resting in the Steamtown yards at Scranton, PA., followed by a chase of the D&H/Steamtown weekend excursion from Scranton, over Clarks Summit to Kingsley, NY., on the former DL&W main. There's footage of Conrail and Susquehanna double-stack trains on the Southern Tier. The Susquehanna trains are shown with everything from D&H power, mixed with 3 different leasing company units, to solid GE B40-8 lash-ups. Also, watch as female engineer Ms. Cooper gets 4 Conrail units and 73 loads of coal over the East Bangor grades, en-route from Phillipsburg to the Portland Metropolitan Edison plant, over ex-Bel-Del and ex-DL&W trackage.

The tape concludes with a half-hour of Binghamton action, including D&H trains in both directions over Belden Hill, with a meet at Nineveh Jct., and several run-bys of the Jersey Central RHS "Fall Foliage Ramble" held on Susquehanna rails over Sparta Mountain.

(Run time: 2 hours.)    Total price $27.00 postpaid to USA.