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12 Conrail 1990: Northeast PA.
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2002, 2004 by Norm Weiler Railroad Videos

Catalog # 9 - Susquehanna 1989 Catalog # 9 - SUSQUEHANNA 1989

The primary focus of this volume of Susquehanna activity is the installation of welded rail over Sparta Mountain. You will see the first rail train arrive at Sparta Jct., followed by the unloading of rail and subsequent steps used to get the rail in position for final placement. You will see the rare appearance of Rahway Valley's GE 70-tonner #17 at Sparta in charge of a tie plate work train. Next comes the arrival of R.J. Corman RR Construction Co., from Kentucky, and detailed coverage of all phases of welded rail installation.

I have footage of the Morris County Central 2-8-0 #385 being removed from the Green Pond engine house for relocation to Little Ferry. You'll see the remains of one of the Alco Centuries as it is dismantled at Binghamton yard. There is also stack train action on the Southern Tier (with Norfolk-Southern power), and at locations such as Lake Grinnell, Oakland, Wyckoff, Wortendyke, and Hawthorne, showing off the new GE B40-8's on loan from CSX.

The tape concludes with several run-bys of the Jersey Central RHS "Fall Foliage Ramble", run between Little Ferry and Warwick on October 22, and the Second Annual Mountaineer Limited, run on the Delaware & Hudson between Scranton and Oneonta, NY., on October 28.

(Run time: 2 hours.)    Total price $27.00 postpaid to USA.